Stefano Pennisi is a New York based Director and Producer with a wide range of work experience. While located in New York, Stefano has experience producing and directing both internationally and across the United States. Some additional locations include France, Spain, Canada, Bahamas, San Francisco, New Orleans, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Miami, Houston, San Antonio, & Los Angeles.

Stefano specializes in creating different forms of content including Social Media, Commercial, Branded Digital, Music Videos, Web Series, Event Coverage, and Film & Documentary. He is also the Executive Producer of the YouTube channel 'How To Drink'. 

In addition to being accepted into a number of festivals, Stefano's critically acclaimed short film 'The Fisherman', was an official selection of the British Film Institute Film Festival, SoHo International Film Festival, and received the Grand Jury Award at the Zero Film Festival. 

Stefano has worked with such brands as: Netflix, Nike, Red Bull, Footlocker, LG USA MOBILE, Hennessy, Belvedere, Facebook, Maverik Lacrosse, Doritos, Jordan Brand, Tough Mudder, Luxardo, WebMD, Free Country, Rush Card, & Cycle Media.